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Children's Life

We all want our children to grow up and become strong, compassionate, responsible adults, with faith that inspires, shares, and gives life. Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough. You need a plan and a partner. You need to start with the end in mind. We want to be a part of this journey in encouraging your children to worship early and grow to express their own faith as young adults.

Our goal is to invite kids into a safe, engaging environment where they can understand the Bible in real ways and develop their friendship with God. We also desire to make every effort to equip parents by providing partnership and practical help as they pass on faith to their kids. We can’t wait to meet you and join you on your faith journey!

What would it look like to give our kids and students a compelling faith? What if we challenged our kids and students to know something more than just a long list of people and places? What if our kids and students regularly encountered God? What if our kids and students learned to hear God’s voice and respond? What if our kids and students brought the kingdom of God here? How would they be changed? How would we be changed?

LifeCC Family Life desires to see these questions answered. Our goal is to grow spiritually healthy families. We would like to foster a new generation that has an active relationship with God and who are looking for ways to bring the kingdom of God here.

Nursery Life (Birth to 18 months)

Nursery Life is designed to be an environment in which your kids can discover God’s love in a safe place, explore the world God created around them, and develop a relationship with God through engaging Bible stories, prayer and interactive play.

Toddler Life (18 months to 3 years)

Toddler Life offers young children and their parents the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, celebrate God together, and discover God’s Word. Children will Explore, Discover, Respond to God, and be Blessed by their leaders and parents as they learn about and experience God.

Preschool Life (3 years to Kindergarten)

Preschool Life reveals the WONDER of who God is for preschool and kindergarten-age kids, allowing them to explore together using creative, interactive activities, responses, and storytelling. Through this ministry preschoolers and kindergarteners will have the chance to discover more about God and respond to His Holy Spirit.

Kids Life (1st to 5th Grade)

Kid’s Life reveals God’s redemptive plan through the telling of The Big God Story. Elementary kids, grades first through fifth, will be given the chance to experience God through exciting activities, meaningful times of response and blessing, creative storytelling and more. Kid’s Life includes large group teaching that helps kids explore “The Big God Story”, followed by a small group environment has been created with interactive elements that encourage kids to apply God’s Word to their lives.

What We Teach

Our curriculum is a dynamic, spiritually-forming, and family-empowered ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant weekend experience, as well as other family resources that meet the specific needs of today’s generation. Our curriculum is uniquely developed to inspire, equip, and support parents and volunteer/leaders in their ministry to children.

Our Family Life Team strongly believes that spiritual development can and should begin from the earliest age with parents as the primary nurturers of their children’s faith. With this in mind, our resources support both the church and home with a focus on knowing God personally, igniting a passion for Christ, learning to listen to his Spirit, keeping Biblical content true to context, and cultivating a concern for people’s needs in our communities and the world.

Children's Life Values

Now that you understand our philosophy in children’s ministry, here are the values that drive us every week to put on the ministry for your children and their friends. In Children’s Life we have four values that we encompass every Sunday your children are in service. These values are:

  • Safety
    We want children to feel safe and be safe, and parents to rest assured that their children are well cared-for while they are in the service. For this reason, we require children to be supervised by either authorized adults or their parent(s) at all times. We also require applications and background checks on every volunteer.
  • Truth
    We don’t want to simply entertain children, and we’re not here to babysit. We want children to learn about Jesus. Lessons about Christ and the Bible will be age-appropriate and will help them understand God’s love and plan for their life.
  • Partnership
    We believe that families are critical to a child’s relationship with God. When we partner with families our combined efforts are concentrated for the sake of the spiritual growth of the next generation. The church and family do not work separately but cooperatively to offer opportunities and events that unite families in their faith.
  • Fun
    We want your child to have fun! Our desire is for your child to have such a good time that they will be begging you to come back next week. We believe creating this fun environment for kids will help children learn more about Jesus. We use games, crafts, props and creative stories to communicate the message, and we think it’s okay to have a good time at church.

Children's Safe Zone

Life Community Church is honored that you would trust us with the physical and spiritual well-being of your child. The Children’s Life team takes this responsibility very seriously. To achieve a “Children’s Safe Zone,” we have established the following goals:

  • Children’s Life (CL) staff and volunteers have passed a background check and are familiar with our policies and procedures.
  • Establish and monitor an area that is exclusively used for birth-fourth grade ministries.
  • Create an effective check-in and check-out system that maintains the safety of your children.
  • Children’s Life is determined that children are supervised at all times by either their parents or approved volunteers/ staff.


    In order to achieve these goals we ask that parents:

    • Check in your children before service AND check them out by picking them up in person after service. Important: Children will not be allowed to leave the ministry area on their own until a parent checks them out.
    • Pick up your children within 10 minutes after the adult service has finished in order to respect the time of our volunteers.
    If you have any questions regarding the Children’s Ministry at Life Community Church, feel free to contact us at
  • Life Community Church

    232 5th Ave S., Kirkland, WA 98033

    (425) 827-5681


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